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Containers, DevOps, Apache Mesos and Cloud - Reshaping how we Develop and Delivery Software

HEPIA Room A106

28 September 2015 @ [18:30 - 19:15]

Container technology are being evaluated by software developers and administrators with a great deal of interest. Developers want to focus on what they do best: Creating and coding new applications. That shouldn't have to change just because they need to deploy an application to a different environment. Administrators want the environment to stay reliable and stable, keeping changes at a minimum. By following a strategy that embraces good Architecture, use of Containers, DevOps philosophy, Apache Mesos and a Cloud based environment, developers and operators can create, consume and collaborate on the infrastructure configuration over the time, deploy Java EE applications and test your application infrastructure consistently regardless of the stage of the development life cycle.

Marcelo S. Ancelmo is currently a Technical Architect with IG, delivering tangible solutions with a specific focus on software architecture, middleware platforms, performance management and DevOps. In more than twelve years of practical IT field experience, he assisted, supported, mentored, and enabled teams with their IT application infrastructure, architecture, development, implementation, and operations challenges.

Managing web infrastructure with Docker, Puppet, Fig and Git

HEPIA Room A106

3 February 2015 @ [18:30 - 19:15]

Today, the challenge of IT is to follow the transformation that is occurring: more agility and scalability, less bottlenecks. This transformation helps a company to focus on its core business and to improve productivity. Today this is one of my prime concerns at Neurones - Oxygen. In this presentation we will first take a look at a way in maintaining and provisioning web components like databases and web servers within a Docker registry. Then we will see how to setup the containers configuration with Fig, a component that will be integrated soon in the core of Docker. The challenge in managing a large amount of containers (or virtual machines or servers) is to guarantee uniformity in configuration: I will show you how we solved this with Puppet.

Frederic Legrand is Senior System Engineer at Neurones - Oxygen. He is currently managing the Linux infrastructure and act as an IT architect for Web projects. He is mainly focused on IT rationalization and processes automation.

Continuous delivery with Jenkins, Docker and Exoscale.

Suva /room Hermance/, Ami-Lullin 12, 1211 Genève

14 April 2015 @ [18:30 - 19:15]

The use of Docker in the context of the continuous integration chain simplifies and gives robustness to the deployment phase. Docker can also make deployments faster thanks to the incremental update of its images and offers other advantages like to easy rollback in case of problems. The aim of this presentation is to give feedback of how we can take advantage of the power of Docker in order to create a software factory (with Jenkins, Sonar, Nexus...) and deploy automatically using Exoscale, a private Docker repository and some Jenkins plugins.

Julia est consultante chez Hortis. Elle a travaillé développeuse au sein de différents projets Java à Madrid, Paris et Genève dans le domaines de la banque, énergie, transport et télécom. Elle est une développeuse passionnée très impliquée dans tout ce qui concerne le mouvement Software Craftsmanship et la qualité du code. Elle est fan des JUGs, Devoxx et veille technologique en générale. En 2012 elle a co-foundé jDuchess swiss, une organisation qui a comme but d’attirer et donner de la visibilité aux femmes dans le monde du développement.

Docker for a bitcoin broker infrastructure

HEPIA Room A106

19 May 2015 @ [18:30 - 19:15]

Come and see: How we did set all our infrastructure using Docker (on Exoscale, we also support amazon). How we intend to increase our coverage using Docker to deploy for our partners.

Mathieu is a bitcoin entrepreneur. He worked years for the old financial industry as a network security engineer before discovering bitcoin and fintechs. Since then, he's focusing both his personnal and professional time on the promotion of cryptocurrencies. He thinks they will be the base of a paradigm shift regarding the way we are exchanging values and accessing to financial services. He likes to quote Wayne Gretzky: "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Docker and Kubernetes on CloudStack

HEPIA Room A106

6 November 2014 @ [18:30 - 19:15]

Docker is kicking butt and taking names, changing the application deployment landscape and disrupting IT operations practices. With a streamlined application packaging process and an easy deployment scenario, docker is bringing containers back to life and questioning the "traditional" cloud architectures based on virtualization hypervisors. However the true strength of Docker comes of the orchestration of multiple containers, which makes distributed application easier to deploy, monitor, scale and make fault tolerant. In this talk we will look at Kubernetes the docker orchestration system open sourced by Google. We will show how it integrates nicely with CoreOS a new linux distribution whose sole purpose is to run docker containers. Finally we will show how Docker applications can be managed in the Cloud using Kubernetes, by deploying it on a CloudStack cloud -exoscale- that supports CoreOS templates.

Sebastien Goasguen built his first compute cluster in the late 90's when they were still called Beowulf clusters while working on his PhD; he has been working on making computing a utility since then. He has done research in grid computing and high performance computing and with the advent of virtualization moved to cloud computing in the mid 2000s. He is currently a Senior Open Source Solutions Architect at Citrix, where he works primarily on the Apache CloudStack project, helping develop the CloudStack ecosystem. Sebastien is a project management committee member (PMC) of CloudStack and Apache libcloud and a member of the Apache Software Foundation, he focuses on the cloud ecosystem and has contributed to Knife-cloudstack, Eutester, Unusable and more recently Kubernetes.

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